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25 Mar 2021

London Court Will Decide If Class Action Suit Against Mastercard Moves Forward

A class-action lawsuit against Mastercard for a record £14 billion ($19 billion) will be heard by a specialist London court on Thursday (March 25), which will decide if the case should proceed, Reuters reported.


24 Mar 2021

Mastercard battles return of $19 bln UK class action

A specialist London court will this week re-consider allowing an historic 14 billion pound ($19 billion) class action against Mastercard to proceed, which could entitle adults in Britain to about 300 pounds each if successful.

Money Saving Expert

22 Feb 2021

Mastercard £14bn class action case returns to court next month - what it means for you

A landmark class action case against Mastercard, which if successful could see millions of UK consumers receive £100s each in damages, is set to return to court next month. It's the latest step in a case that has rolled on for almost five years. Here's an update on the most recent developments and what the next stage means for consumers.


10 Feb 2021

Mastercard consumer claim set for new March hearing

A £14 billion Mastercard consumer damages case is to return to the UK's Competition and Appeals Tribunal for certification next month.

The Law Society Gazette

10 Feb 2021

Mastercard megaclaim returns to court next month

A group action brought on behalf of 46 million credit and debit card holders will be considered again next month following the Supreme Court’s remittal to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT).

The Guardian

11 Dec 2020

£14bn Mastercard class action gets green light from court

Almost every UK adult could get payout if case over alleged overcharging succeeds.